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This is me… Bulleted

This is me… Bulleted

Hi Readers!

Although I feel like I have much in common with many people, I also notice that I have some quirks which make me unique… Well maybe you do these too! Hmm. Well we shall see. Here are some parts of me that I’d like to share with you today. I’d like to hear your quirks too. Please comment. ūüôā


Vesper drowning in Casino Royale

  • When I am watching a movie or TV show and the person is underwater (for whatever reason), I tend to hold my breath. Ok, not sure why, seeing as the impending doom of the actor on the screen has little to do with my environment. It is a knee-jerk reaction. I suppose I overly sympathize with the character’s situation.
  • Image

    Blastin’ that super bass. Gangsta!

    When pulling up to a car at a stoplight, or passing a car, I always look to see if their window is open. I like to play my music with the windows down sometimes (depends on what I’m playing). For some reason I always hope they will have their windows down so they can hear the music. I guess on some level I hope that they will recognize the music I play. I like some alternative and indie artists. I suppose it is my effort to make a unique connection with someone.


  • Image

    Lord of the Rings again? Omg I’m so stoked.

    I like to watch movies over and over… When I find a movie that makes me feel good,usually epic or sci-fi, I buy it on DVD and watch it multiple times. I feel like this may be different than a lot of people, as many of my friends decline watching and/or renting a movie they’ve already seen. Well, not me!


  • Image

    And then he… uh… died. I guess.
    Whatever. I do know he was shirtless at
    some point though! ūüôā

    I have a hard time remembering the ending of movies… Despite my affinity towards watching movies multiple times, my brain tunes out the endings. It certainly makes it worth it to watch the movie again, to remind myself of how it ends. It also prevents me from inadvertently giving away the ending and ruining the movie for someone else. But it is a bit troubling to have that certain inability to remember…


  • I love colored plastic, gems, and neon lights. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday, as there is something special about the abundance of lights. I feel safe, loved and protected. I always have to resist the temptation to put up my Christmas lights too early.


  • My favorite song is classical choral music. I have a particular love of this song as I remember singing it when I was in the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys. The Miserere Mei by Gregorio Allegri circa 1630.

So that is a part of me… bullet-ed. If you can relate, wonderful! I have found a kindred spirit out there. ūüôā If not, I’d love to hear about your unique quirks, habits, and joys.

Thanks for reading. Comments always welcome.



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Hot New Workout Playlist – September, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Here’s my current top 15 songs for working out. They carried me all the way through my¬†killer workouts this week.¬†Check ’em out and let me know what you think. They are all available on iTunes, btw.

PS: I’m always looking for new music to add, so I’d love to hear what is making its way onto your ipod these days.

Crank it up and work it out!!!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment. ūüėČ


¬† 1. I’m In the House (feat. [[[Zuper Blahq]]]) by Steve Aoki

¬†2. Reptile’s Theme – Skrillex

 3. Sexy and I know it РLMFAO

 4. In the Dark РDev

 5. Hello РMartin Solveig + Dragonette

 6. Moves like Jagger РMaroon 5

 7. Mr. Saxobeat РAlexandra Stan

 8. Tonight Tonight РHot Chelle Rae

 9. Born this Way (Dada Life Remix) РLady Gaga

 10. Pumped Up Kicks РFoster the People

 11. Turn Me On РDavid Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj

 12. Pass at Me РTimbaland ft. Pitbull

¬†13.¬†Darlin’ (Adam & Eve Song) – Tahiti 80

 14. E.T. (Benny Benassi Radio Edit) РKaty Perry

 15. Rabiosa РShakira ft. Pitbull

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Clouds (Something wicked this way comes)

Clouds (Something wicked this way comes)

“Shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to.” – The Smiths

Although many of my fears are based in the external world, things that frighten and scare, like verbal threats, physical violence, financial troubles, overdue bills, breakups, being laid off, getting sick, or simply bad weather. Inclement weather doesn’t¬†have to necessarily¬†involve an actual storm. Sometimes the storm can exist within, a metaphorical storm, that involves not lightning or torrential downpour, but one’s deepest fears and insecurities. It is a cloud that follows me and reminds me of all that I lack (or fear that I lack). For me this¬†cloud has grown twisted and expansive¬†from shyness, insecurity and¬†self-doubt. Every day my unconscious seeks out that which makes me wince. It is a persistent bee that seeks to sting and follows me down every path I take. No, this cloud is here to stay, so I better understand it, before I let it get the best of me.

Happy but evil cloud...

What does it look like? It appears to be somewhat light and fluffy, like an insignificant ball of fluff. It doesn’t appear scary at first, but over time has proven itself quite deadly.

What does it communicate to me? It tells me that when I am happy, the “other shoe” is always about to drop and that I can’t sit still and enjoy my happiness. It prods me, and lets me know of potential dangers to come, all the while it envelopes me and does not allow¬†me to see clearly. Quite simply, it clouds my vision. (pun intended, albeit a pretty poor one).

What messages do I want to send to it? I would like to communicate my frustration with it and thank it for it’s protective nature. But I truly need it to let me be, and allow me to opportunity to have an outlook that can things as they are, and enjoy things as they are, and to walk through things with eyes wide open.

The evil cloud shows its true self...

Does it really have any power? I can let it have power so much as I ignore it. Although it will never dissipate, it will back down with confrontation. This cloud, much like myself, will listen to a loud voice, and respond to aggression. The more I allow myself to be controlled by that which seeks to undermine my resolve, the more I am held back from that which allows me joy. If I am always looking for things that might attack me, and make me feel bad, I will ALWAYS find them, and I would never allow myself the opportunity to live in the present. I would always be worried about the past or the future.

I am here in my room, and writing this blog entry, I am not doing anything else. I am paying close attention to the sounds in my environment and the tapping of the keyboard. I will enjoy the calm before the storm, and I shall not fear it, for I know that this shelter, this quiet is always available to me, should I choose to exist in it. My problems are truly of my own making, but they are still a part of me. I accept that, as a homeowner accepts a bad mortgage; I may not be able to get out of it, but I can always re-fi.

Thanks for reading,

Please feel free to comment.



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New Cardio Music (Check out this REMIX!)

clinton lee Get Inside The 9pm Saturday Nite Mix w/ Clinton Lee!It’s always hard to find a good remix for those¬†work¬†yo a$$ off¬†cardio days. I get sick of the same old radio edits, so I’m always looking for remixes and megamixes to get my booty movin.’ Turns out the best damn remix was right there on my favorite radio station (the 99.7 baby!)

Check out Movin 99.7¬† Bay Area/San Jose and Clinton Lee’s remix.¬† There’s a download (see link below.) I’d say you’d have no problem burning a good 1,000 Calories listening to this.

Here’s the link:


If you like it, give him some props!


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